6 Tips On Moving a Mattress Easily

You may be moving, or you may have just purchased a new mattress.  Either way, a bed is difficult mainly due to its size.  While weight may play a factor, it is the size and depending on the age of the mattress, it may not want to stand alongside a wall, instead preferring to slouch to the floor if not appropriately managed. So what are the easiest ways of moving a mattress? Below are six tips to making it easy.


1) By having a set or two of moving straps, you will make the mattress much easier to move. These are very handy and can be used in different handholds to make the process as easy as possible.

2) If possible use a mattress bag, these are specially made heavy duty bags that are transparent so that you can see if any damage is occurring to the box springs.  By having your mattress completely encased in plastic liquid spills and other types of leaks will protect your bed from any accidents of the fluid type, meaning that it will get where it is going in a clean slate.

3) Depending on whether you are storing your mattress, or using a dirty truck to transport it, a mattress bag, or clear plastic sheets and packing tape wrapped around the bed will keep dust mites and other bugs from landing and burrowing into the mattress’s surface.

4)  Borrow a dolly or flat based trolley.  You can use the moving straps to lift the mattress and to place it on either a dolly or trolley.  Both of these will allow you to easily roll your mattress around on floors making it much easier to move on flat surfaces.

5)  If stairs are going to be in your immediate future with your mattress, then a stair trolly will prove invaluable.  You can use the moving straps to tie down the bed in a standing position on the stair trolley.  You can then begin pulling the stair trolley up the stairs, one by one allowing the trolley to take the weight and use its peculiar wheelset to move up the stairs without direct lifting.  These make moving large heavy items upstairs so easily as it uses its three wheels on either side to climb from rung to rung.

6) Have a lot of friends with you when you move. Many hands do mean light work, and the more you have helped, the quicker the process will be.  With a little thought and delegation, you can quickly and quickly move your mattress up and down stairs, around bends and onto and off the transport that you will be using.

There may be some other tips to help move a mattress. However, the ones above are the ones that I would use in the future and which I have used in the past.  The good thing is that today mattresses are made of sturdy construction like the ones found here http://bigfigmattressdiscountcode.org/, so once you have your mattress moved in it will hopefully be many years before you need to undertake the process again.

Glasgow Removal Experts

Home Removal Experts

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Looking for a Removal Company

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Downsize Effectively Before Your Move

There are a lot of sensible reasons why downsizing is a must before your moving day comes, and these are not all about the size of the new place where you will be relocating. Even though a significant decrease in overall space and lesser square footage are good enough reasons for streamlining your items, it might be best for you to reduce your clutter and have it done before the movers come to help you eventually settle in your new house.

Whatever your motivation might be, an effective downsizing is one of the biggest goals of many people as they prepare for a move. Check out the following pieces of advice to ensure a smooth process:

Know Your Needs and Wants

There are some things that are absolutely necessary such as a couch or bed. Unless you have plans to buy new furniture pieces as a replacement for your current ones, there is very little chance that you will want to get rid of these pieces. In the same way, there are some other items which come with such a significant sentimental value, or those personal favorites that are used on a regular basis, even though these might not be strictly required in your house. You can think of your easy chair or a favorite blanket, or that cooking utensils set or a bathroom mirror.

The important step you have to take is to distinguish between things you really want and need, and you can never do without. In other ways, having a new house to move into could make the process much easier. You need a floor plan that you should adapt to, which only means that something will not fit in after your move. A great place to start is reviewing the last time you have used the given piece of appliance, furniture or possession. If it has been in the box since last move or gather some dust particles on the shelf, you must feel confident in getting rid of it, selling or donating.

For more intense downsizing, it is recommended to review what you’d replace once you had to start right from scratch. Which things do you require to function from day to day? Which are the luxuries or not necessary, yet you use regularly? Which are the things you never used? To downsize in an effective manner, you may get rid of anything on the category of never-used and reduce the category of luxuries until your belongings fit the new space.

Approach Your Home with Fresh Eye

If you have lived in the same space for a bit, you may be complacent with the arrangement of things from your living room to the kitchen table. That isn’t a bad thing though and you have likely found the ideal spot for most if not all of your things.

You must also thoughtfully consider the ways on how to use your new space. With having a plan, you can easily choose which things to avoid and what to keep.

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